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QWhat kind of material can I get from Top Slate?

Top Slate selects no radiation and pollution raw material to manufacture all the product, having the characteristics of hard texture, bright color, good flexure,pressure-resistance,abrasion-resistance and corrosion-resistance,etc.Moreover,its non-radioactive characteristic meets people’s pursuit of nature,green,environmental protection. So comparing with the granite and marble, slate is the green building material and gives you the feeling of returning back to the nature.

Q: Do you have your own factories?

Yes,we own two factories.But as you know,Not a plant can produce all the products that all customer needs,so we need buy some product from our cooperated factories,so that we can ship all kinds product to meet customer’s demand.Of course,our QC will inspect all the quality before loading.

Q:Can I get your new catalouge?

Yes, You can get our new catalouge by free,just give us your postal address.Or you can download our PDF catalouge from the website,and open the documents by the password that we give.

Q: Could I get a sample?

Yes, just specify your requirement.We usually supply 100*100*10mm. Normally our stone samples are all free of charge. But we will send the samples based on freight collect except for our long-term partner. Therefore, sometimes you're requested to provide a courier service account number.
Q:Could you guarantee your quality? How?

For each order, no matter it is small order or big order, we will have our Quality Inspectors to be responsible for quality testing of all stone raw materials and finished products.Each order will be followed and monitored from beginning to end by experienced QC inspectors to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery. In addition, we also welcome clients to monitor product quality by either personally visiting our production areas or employing third party independent inspection companies.”Top Quality,Super Slate” is our principle, we never ship any unqualified goods to our customers.

Q:Can I get the best price from Top Slate?

We are sure you can get our best price.Because we would like to do win-win business,we hope our price are competitive on the world market,and hope our customer will get good profit by our selling our product.Of course,we are not sure our price will be the cheapest price that you get,always there will be some price cheaper than Top Slate.

Q:How long Can I get your answer to my question?

Within 24hours

Q:Do you have any new products?

Yes,Our R&D department will innovate more than 50 items each year,specially for the culture stone.

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Tel:+86 592 5752258/5751901 Fax:+86 592 5752257 E-mail:sales@topslate.cn
Address: Unit 1604, Building #1, No. 466 Xinglinwan Road, Jimei, Xiamen, Fujian, Chinaa